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Anonymity Setup?

Kuroudo Akabane

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Or just run TAILS in VMs instead of installing TOR in each instance. It seems to work quite well. Just be aware that running in a VM is not the same as running off write-protected media on physical hardware, forensically speaking.

You can always encrypt the VM's virtual hard drive, or use a Live CD of TAILS as you suggested, forensically speaking.

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The quickest and easiest way that I know of to accomplish 'anonymity' and multiple simultaneous

forum log-in's is to pay cash for a couple cellular broadband modems and anonymously buy pre paid bandwidth. That won't neccessarily stop anyone from identifying your unique information like your origin IP. It just stops most people from using that information to find out who you are. (Name, permanent residence geographical location, etc)

There might be a few other things a person would have to do in order to be pretty well completely safe from being identified or caught in the event that you made someone with rescouces come looking for you (such as the $%EFF_ BEE**I, or your countries equivalent). The CIA found Pablo Escobar (who pulled in up to a half million dollars US every day for many years), so they can find you if you're worth the rescources you would cost them. Granted, it's probably not your goal to hide from an agency like that, but that example pretty well proves that it takes a huge amount of dilligence, skill, and rescources to stay ahead of being detected in the world of electronic communications.

I've done some thinking on this general subject in the past, and I do think there are probably ways of being absolutely anonymous and un trackable, but in the thought experiment, the scheme never works with absolution for more than 10 minutes at a time, and that's going to a huge amount of trouble to make it that way. Also, the theoretical maximum amount of data that can be passed this way is so low that it's only useful for proving it can be done.

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Just a gotcha, I can remember someone doing a similar thing on a Forum I was a member of. they got caught out by accessing account A with ip addy xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and then account b with ip yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy ... but later on ... account a with yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy and account b with xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ....... as with life, ya gotta keep ya lies straight and not mix up who you are lol

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Makes sense when you really think about it. What forum is it by the way?

Its called hackforums.net

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