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Factory Clean Flash Files

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Are those the files you downlad from Alfa's web site for the Hornet-UB board/AP121U?

yup, thats me

The files linked above are the ones that you used to be able to get from Alfa, not sure you can from their FTP anymore.

Cool, I haven't been on those forums in a while :P.

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ALFA Network ftp is operating on a Synology USB Station 2.

Just ftp into: and do a anonymous login, then browse to /Download/Firmware/ and pull Hornet-UB.zip (can't handle to many anonymous users though)

Following credentials should work, as provided on http://alfanetworkinc.blogspot.com/

Login: Alfa0000

Pass: downloader

But i think they changed that :P

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I found them on their site at the Hornet-UB Page, but i thought the files you guys(Hak5) provided were different:


Also found that one of their re sellers provides the download of the firmware on their site, i just thought the files i got from wifipineapple.com etc were created/compiled from you guys.

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here is an alt link http://mydatadrop.com/Hornet-UB.zip

Also i didnt use a USB to UART adapter, i used my original Serial TTL Console cable i user on my OM1P, Fon etc... I got junk due to a bad setting in putty when i tried for the first time, then once i change one setting i got the proper output and saw the menu and choose my option with great success, my adapter was only $3

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