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i having been reading & searching all day & nite for answers for what vpn would be a good one to go with & this is the best ones from my understanding for online anonymity best to worst IMO from searching & reading





incloak vpn




but i still have ?s to be answered like does a vpn work with http & https normal web browsing

does it protect me from being unmasked &/are from my isp viewing any data received & sent while connected vpn

& if anyone has used these vpns how often does disconnection happen during my online connection

i have read that happens which is not good for security reasons

& this might be a noob one but what is a Fixed IP is that a static ip

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VPN is a good solution for providing a secure connection between your computer and the VPN server, but it does not secure your connection all the way through to its destination. The moment your traffic or data leaves the VPN server side, it will be unencrypted and unprotected.

Furthermore, your ISP will not be able to see what your traffic really is, as it will be encrypted, however if you subscribe for a VPN service within your ISP, than they will be able to see your traffic, I would recommend looking into a third party VPN service provider, so that way your ISP will only see garbage as the traffic passes through its network.

On the other hand, you can pretty much tunnel any protocol you like through the VPN, provided the VPN service provider is not blocking it. Generally, HTTP and HTTPS protocols are allowed by default so no need to worry about it being blocked.

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can we get any vpn service provider suggestions ?

I did a search in Google and these are the top 10 VPN service providers in Canada.


However, this VPN service was recommended in the Hak5 show.


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I use vyprvpn and am very pleased.


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depends on how you want to use the vpn....if you looking for something that has both computer and phone then hot spot shield would fit you best.

But if you are looking for a service that does not keep log on you...then reactorvpn, or airvpn( I use this service) will be your best route.

Ask yourself when you are reviewing there services

do they keep logs on me and if they do for how long?

what is there encryption level.

how long is there bandwith time.

Me I use airvpn with a rely on tor...and it work fine for me ever since.

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thanks guys for the reply's i think i will go with airvpn maybe R even mullvad

can you provide the link to the ep

Here's the link,

Its Season 9 Ep. 21

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not a lot of info in that episode on their service such as logging

& i cant find it on there site

Yeah I know, but you will need to subscribe for their service.

In addition, there is also a wiki to guide you through the process of configuration and setup.

I plan on subscribing for their service eventually.

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