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  1. thanks not a lot of info in that episode on their service such as logging & i cant find it on there site
  2. thanks guys for the reply's i think i will go with airvpn maybe R even mullvad can you provide the link to the ep
  3. i having been reading & searching all day & nite for answers for what vpn would be a good one to go with & this is the best ones from my understanding for online anonymity best to worst IMO from searching & reading AirVPN mullvad perfect-privacy ivpn.net incloak vpn VPN4All Ipredator BTguard but i still have ?s to be answered like does a vpn work with http & https normal web browsing does it protect me from being unmasked &/are from my isp viewing any data received & sent while connected vpn & if anyone has used these vpns how often does disconnection happen during my online connection i have read that happens which is not good for security reasons & this might be a noob one but what is a Fixed IP is that a static ip
  4. i found this after searching on google it was the 2nd link at techarena lately i have been having hdd issue's which made my windows 7 completely mess up & not load to the desktop just to a black screen no water mark nothing i checked disk right before that & got tons of errors and after that i installed a 2nd hdd to bot from but xp not 7 :( is the a way you guys here would maybe recommended which this hdd isn't making no load noise it powers on & is recognized by windows im thinking it might not want to spin sometimes but it does spin since using this 2nd hdd to boot from everything seems to work i ran check disk in cmd & this is what i got which it is recognized by the bios & does spin with no load clunking sound
  5. LogMeIn does the job i was kind of looking for yes the xbox does support nas http://xbmc4xbox.org/wiki/index.php?title=NAS_%28Network_Attached_Storage%29
  6. thanks ill give freenas a try will it be able to stream to a modded xbox one?
  7. since i got a new desktop pc my older pc just sits and collects dust ive been thinking of making it to where i can access my video files threw it on my win7 pc and xbox one http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=11525 would that do the trickand would i need a 2nd monitor or is there a way i can view what's happening and going on on the older pc threw my win7 pc
  8. what do you mean?main thing i want to find is fighting to the death that kind of sounds cool
  9. just got back after an hour of browsing it was ok not to much more media and stuff as what is said plan to go back because i found some good reads maybe and to browse by the way i aint wills R Willis im bigdog
  10. .onion sites and stuff that can only be accessed threw tor underweb darkweb here is info on the dark web i found on a different forum if the links in the quote R not permitted just lwet me know ty
  11. bigdog2626

    Deep Web

    anyone believe or even been in the deep dark web
  12. bigdog2626


    i know you said entire drive would erase every thing including my os but what does drive wiper set to free space/simple over write erase would it erase a file sitting on my desktop?
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