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Eye popping video


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Hey Sparda, try to not be quite so picky... he didn't post this specifically for your Kingly pleasure...

On the topic of websites needing a certain browser, I could argue that people denying me access to a site becuase I'm not running Firefox annoys me too...

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Yeah that works, it's just the "We notice you're not running the browser we tell you to so you can't come in. *nyah nyah*... Our site works perfectly well with other browsers, we're just being anal about it... Change browsers of you can't use the net! Hah!" ones that get me...

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god msn shit me

you can't change your user agent either. They use javascript to check what you're using as well.

turning off javascript gets you to the video page page it doesn't work because of no javascript.

why anyone would not use youtube is beyond me

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