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Sbs 2003

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Hi all maybe someone can help me so I have been appointed as the IT guy for my company the server that is in place is small business server 2003 and I don't know much is there a good book to get me up to speed or is there any good online videos that can help me, anything helps thank you.

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Depends on what they put you in charge of and what you need help with. Active Directory, domain contoller, DNS, DHCP, Exchange, IIS, IPSec/VPN setups, etc. There are so many things to cover.

Training Resources:

http://www.testout.com/home/it-certification-training/product-list (their bundles contain more than just MSFT stuff, but also have A+, networking, cisco, security, etc as well as MSFT courses, or you can do them individually but more expensive. Personally I love TestOut, but not cheap.)




- http://www.trainsignal.com/Computer-Training.aspx



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Thank you digip that helps, from the looks of our server I need to keep on top of exchange,IIS,security,DNS,it seems like a little bit of everything thank you for the links.

http://www.itidiots.com/ is/was a nice podcast show, that takes you through the steps of setting up your own domain controller and its quite interesting to watch.

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Ah :) SBS 2003... how I loved you.

SBS is a quality product... until your organisation outgrows it, then there are some serious migration headaches.

Sorry for the threadjack but is the a limit in terms of CAL's on SBS 2003?

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Hope you got it sorted but just in case you didn't and since I only just registered a few milliseconds ago, saw a SBS thread, my first thought was..."that poor bastard"...

I feel your pain. I'd been in IT for 10+ years working for a lot of enterprise size companies then took a break to go teach scuba diving for 3-4 years in SE Asia and came back to work in a smaller IT consultancy in the UK....only then did I encounter SBS, previously I'd never heard of it...thankfully...

The main thing to watch out for on SBS 2003 is the 18/75GB Exchange database limit issue, because realistically that's what's going to be the main thing if you deal with clients that still have it now. I.E. by default the Exchange database (on SBS 2003) is limited to 18GB, but you can increase it to 75GB, just do a search on Google, it's easy enough to find. If you don't increase the DB and it grows larger then you can lose the entire mailstore... not a happy day if that occurs.

Also, a lot of things that you'd normally do in regular Windows Server via the GUI utils or even the command line are not fully accepted by SBS. It has a bad tendency to only accept things that are done through the SBS console Wizard, especially network items.

Caveat: I've only just started working with SBS 2011 recently but I have to say I don't see much improvement, Remember SBS is not intended for fully IT literate personnel, it's designed for small companies and people who use the Wizard!

Good look and happy Hak'ing

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