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  1. What is the purpose for the second domain is it at another site? Do you want to install the new DC into the current forest? I'm not sure what the setup is or why you need another DC but if you do I would add it to the existing forest as a child domain and then create a different policy for users on that domain. As for your shared drives, because the new DC is part of the forest you will be able to give permissions to users on a global basis. It's difficult to know if this will work for you as I'm not sure what the goal is, it sounds like this could all be done with only one domain.
  2. How many users are on the first domain? Why do they want a new domain for 25 PC's?
  3. So not very exciting news for some, but for the epically geeky we just got our own DSLAM in our office. We have already configured it to Telkom (The only DSL infrastructure provider in SA) standards and done all the patching. We are a networking distributor and solutions provider so we often have to test certain concepts before they go live, or just test possible faulty hardware. Each network engineer will get a port to the DSLAM for whatever testing they may need without actually needing a connection to the internet. We just need to configure our RADIUS sever and we will allow certain accounts to break out to our leased line. So basically we can emulate the internet without actually being on the internet, we can even create fake traffic! Thought it may be interesting to some and may even give you a few ideas.
  4. Gex

    Diablo Iii

    No Diablo III thread, what gives?? Or did I miss all the hype? Only 14 days to go! Edit: Sorry for stuffing the title, can an admin fix?
  5. I did the same thing along time ago and trust me after a while you will make a plan to run a cable, my advice is just figure out a way to run a cable, even if it is a big job, you will be glad you did it in the end, I am.
  6. Honestly (and I know allot of people will disagree with me on this one) do as much as you can! No matter what field of IT you are in, it is important to know as much about all of the surrounding technologies because trust me, you will eventually come across them. Personally I am in IT Networking/Network Security, most of my colleagues only have experience and certifications in Networking and it shows. It helps me a great deal to know about, Data storage, servers, Microsoft, virtualization, VoIP, CCTV, when there are problems with a network. Probably the biggest must have if you ask me is CCNA - it is a great course for learning networking fundamentals (Far better than N+)
  7. I'm not in the US, but it does seem a little high. I find that Network admin is a bit of a vague term these days especially with smaller companies. In my opinion the Network admin should technically only be in charge of the Network infrastructure. To give you an example, I do network support for a number of large companies and most of them break job roles up as follows. Network admin - Network Infrastructure, switching, routing, wireless Security admin - WAN and LAN security, Firewalls, IPS, IDS, NAC etc. Systems admin - Domain controllers, servers etc. Database admin - Self explanatory. and the list can go on. but in smaller companies you my find that the "network admin" does all of these things. Even if you just do two of those things, for instance Network Infrastructure and Network Security, it has to be taken into consideration.
  8. Sorry for the threadjack but is the a limit in terms of CAL's on SBS 2003?
  9. Hey HAK.5'ers! Been watching the show for a while now, not sure why it has taken so long for me to join the forum :) Favourite game: COD4 "The one that started it all!" Favourite OS: Windows7 or Linux (Arch) Favourite console: PS3 or XBox 360 Nationality: South African/British Accent: Err South African Sex: Male Age: 22 Race: White Height: 5ft. 10 in. I think... Status: Single Build: ahh slim? Favourite band: Rise Against Favourite book: Rainbow Six Favourite author: Tom Clancy Favourite movie: Original Mission Impossible Favourite director: Ridley Scott/Steven Spielberg Favourite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother Favourite actor: Matt Damon Favourite actress: Kate Beckinsale Favourite Pinup: Tanit Phoenix - Home Grown from the RSA! Favourite Comedian: Russle Howard Other hobbies: Soccer, Computers, Gaming, Hacking. Car: Mclaren MP4-12C, I own a Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.6 3Dr in white :D Occupation: Network Engineer
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