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Is There A Better Way To Run Airodump On The Pineapple?


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Back when I first got my mark3, I noticed the static nature of the pineapples channel - its always 11. For that reason, airodump-ng when run from the pineapple has never been very effective. Heres my workaround:

SSH into pineapple (derp)

airmon-ng stop mon.wlan0

ifconfig wlan0 down

airmon-ng start wlan0

airodump-ng mon0

Anyone have a better way to get populated AP's bssids in order to nuke them with aireplay -0? I mean, I can get bssids from my wifi analyzer on my phone, but it supplies nowhere near the amount of info airodump gives out in its tabley awesomeness. I've said this before, but on a slightly different topic: I want to be able to get a full view of my invisible wireless surroundings - who around is not associated but broadcasting probes (easy targets) what AP is closest to me (best signal str) and what nearby AP has the most users on it (most bang for your buck when deauthing). So yeah, basically I'm looking for is twofold:

Short term: A better way to airodump from the pineapple without messing up the if/iwconfig's. As is I have to power cycle the pineapple to bring everything back up in working order. I suspect this is mostly due to the mon.wlan0 mystery interface no one can give me a straight answer on (eyes on you darren and seb :P :P). My hunch is its the middle man between the Master mode wlan0 and Jasager - grabbing the probe requests for Karma and feeding them to the AP. Just a guess though.

Long term: An airodump-ng tab or hell, put it right on the status page...though that runs the risk for it to get cluttered. If it does get its own tab, perhaps combine this with an aircrack and aireplay sections? Call it the AirAwesome-ng tab! That way you see whats around you, and you're given the tools to deauth, crack, and generally just know what you're up against in your current location.

Just a thought for the devs and for the more knowledgable/adventurous among the community.


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The AirAwesome-ng tab would be well, Awesome! haha... Also, if Airdrop-ng could be added, that would be fun. Since it just deauths everything!

On the mark3 at least, there wasn't enough room to have python installed - a prerequisite for airdrop. On the mark4 however, with seemingly endless storage via USB...a distinct possibility that I will add the list of to-dos!


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