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No, I'm located in the Midwest. There are a few other Vendettas around the nppl, psp and xball leagues but we have nothing to do with those teams. I have played nppl and psp before but that was for another team.

Just this summer I joined Vendetta because they needed a mid/front player for a few tourneys after they had a roster change. They’re good friends of mine and together we play quite well.

What’s you experience in playin’ ball? Play any national tourneys or just local stuff?

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Nah I'm all rec-ball woods ball. I just picked up an Ion so i could play with it twice before my schedule screwed me over and now I havn't played in a long time. I'm making plans to get out about mid next month so we'll see how that goes... So no tourneys for me I'm not good enough nor have the time.

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Oh sweet paintball. Are there Hak5 guys in Virginia that play. I moved here from TN I was playing MSPA level ball and a little Div-1 and havn't been able to find anyone at that level around here. I am quite busy with the Navy and all but I do get a chance to play every once in a while and would like to find some good players to practice with. :) 8)

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