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emergency plan if get hacked?


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I wondering what I should do becuse I got this advanced hacker who is hacking me becuse my computer must spark a intrust in him becuse of what it holds I guess. All I got on him is the port he attacked me on and his ip the port is a linux port 54297 dont know what linux he was using though

the hacker: http://whois.domaintools.com/

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Errm... What? I understand that English is probably not your native language, but please, try and describe exacly what you mean.

From the title of the thread I understand that you want to know what you should do if you discover you have been hacked. Well, if you know you have been hacked it's too late, it's likly that the information you want to prevent from getting in to the wrong hands is alredy in the wrong hands.

If the information must absalutly never be leaked, I surgest you store it on a stand alone computer. This (by definition) is the only kind of secure computer in the world, a computer with no connection to the Internet or any other computers. If you are worried about people getting information from your browser, then it would be wise to set your browser up so that it never remembers any thing.

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Thx Sparda for your feedback. I clear my info in my browser when I exit. I use Firefox which isnt that secure I think. But when I got hacked I was on gaim so that what he used as weak point to break in

this weird message also keeps on comming up on top of the screen after got hacked at random times


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Well, to help prevent another attack. Save all your valuable info on an enternal hdd or burn them to dvd disks. Then wipe your hdd and re-install your os of choice. Then install an anti-virus (like avg), firewall (zone alarm) and well as a spam-killer (ad-aware). The firewall alone will help prevent 99.9% of attackers from accessing your system because they'de rather not spend time trying to bypass a firewall and instead just locate another user that doesn't have one.

Out of curosity, what gave you the idea you were being hacked? How did you first realize it?

Edit: Nevermind the ladder portion.

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I've no idea what might cause it but it's in the style of the old Amiga Guru Meditation which happens when the computer goes belly up after a big crash...

It's not your screensaver is it? ;)

Edit: It seems to be a audio visualisation plugin for WinAmp... It's called Maki and if you disable it you should stop receiving these error messages.

Edit 2: Check this thread on the WinAmp forums for more info on 'Guru Meditation' bugs in this plugin.

This means that it's highly unlikely (if not almost certain) that you haven't been hacked.

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