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Jasagerpwn Mkiii

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I personally have not tried to run it, but I will tonight. Give it a shot and let us know, it can't really do any harm!

Otherwise, the only other script for the MK3 right now is the wp3.sh script which sets up your linux box for ics with the pineapple.

I am confident that the JasagerPwn will work / will not be hard to get to work. I haven't played with it for such a long time.



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I gave it a shot. I think that the script does something funny to the ip tables because it is trying to send out dhcp. I tried ripping out all of the dhcp support in the script but it didn't seem to help.

The problem I was having was that once I get the pineapple set up with wp3.sh then run jasager I drop the connection to the pineapple.

do you know of any other features within the jasagerpwn script that would potentially cause this type of a problem.

Thanks a lot sebkinne,


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JasagerPwn is not designed for the MK3 currently. Although I have had a couple discussions with people who have gotten it to work, it is a bit more complicated.

Although I have not been able to test any of this or verify it, it should put you on the right track. The following is assuming the default subnet that jasagerPwn is configured with.. with the attacker at

Note that you said you tried to take out DHCP, that is not going to work. This is because by running the DHCP server locally on the attacking machine you are able to create the DHCP scope file with the attacker machine as the gateway and DNS server.

# Disable DNSmasq, So we can use the DHCP server on the attacking machine.

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq stop

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq disable <-- This is one issue, I don't think DNSmasq can be disabled this way.

# Remove the public google DNS from the network file and manage that from the attacking machine

sed -i 's/' /etc/config/network

# Flush any IPtables rules (Not sure if there are any)

iptables -F ; iptables -X

If anyone can add in something I missed it would be appreciated and will be added to the main post. Have a good Christmas all!

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