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I decided to post up some pics of the long lost cousin of Windows Mobile/PocketPC in response to a post about PocketPC viruses in 'Suggestions'... I figured not many people would see them in there though and y'all need to see where portable/pocket Windows started out, like my Windows 1.01 post for desktop Windows ;)



Windows Pen Computing Boot Screen: You'll notice it's very somilar to Windows 3.xx and that's because it's basically an add-on to Windows 3.xx with a new splash screen ;)


First Boot: Yes folks, that wallpaper did get installed without my approval, it's the default Pen wallpaper :S


Windows 3.1: But... But I just paid for Windows for Pen Computing, I'm still running Windows 3.1?!


Tutorials: Pen came with some tutorials to get you started... but look at the lower logo, how many fonts can they use in 1 image?! Design nightmare!


The Actual Tools: Well, this is basically what you get in the way of tools; an on-screen keyboard and a small app that tells you what you just wrote... I believe the text-log thing actually allows the use of a Graffiti-type system.


Text Trio: In addition to Notepad and Windows Write (later evolved into Wordpad), Windows for Pen includes Notebook. How many text apps one computer needs I'm not sure but it seems MS think at least 3... I'm guessing this one also supports handwriting recognition.

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