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hi all

i would like to turn mu netgear wnr2000 in to a pineapple. how can i flas the router with the mark 3 pineapple firmwear.

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The firmware most likely will not work on that device. Due to the drivers and patches made to make it possible on the AP51/OM1P/etc.

ok i also have a spare belkin n F5D8235-4 router. could i do it on that one?

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I know my old buffalo router can do the whole dd-wrt setup, but not every off name branded hardware has the components to run other systems bin files. You have to identify the hardware chipsets in use, and if the firmware even has space to put something other than its default on their. Like Mr-Protocol, its not one size fits all, literally. These are generally installed from a compressed bin file that gets expanded onto the device, so even if the hardware is capable, space might also be an issue.

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