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I have been dule booting fedora core 5 and XP for over 6 months now and after doing TONS of research i decided to switch from fedora to mandriva. I installed it yesterday and began updating at school (3mbps...::salivates::) so now i got home and only have wifi, but heres the weird thing, my wifi connection in windows tends to be around 85%, but in mandriva i get about 4% connectivity! so wtf... i dont even think that it would have Anything to do with it. Does this make any sence to anyone else?

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4% connectivity!

ok, i did not think this needed a nother post but now i have a bigger problem and I hope someone here can help. for some reason my user in mandriva keeps spouting that the disk is full. My linux partition has 15 gigs left on it. But for some reason its saying that my user's disk space is only 100mb and root has the rest. There must be a way to allocate more space for users, but I sure cant find it!

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There's an option when you create your EXT2 filesystem that a certain percentage of it is reserved for root only. I think by default it's 5% but you can change it, and given the size of modern day harddrives, most people do. Perhaps you wanted to reserve 1% and by mistake reserved 99?

Or maybe you've got quota's enabled?

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