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So I just order my Draper 12ft x 12ft screen and a new 3000 Lumen DLP projector for my DJ business when it all gets here ill take some pics we are starting to do video dances but I will try to remember before a dance sometime to throw hak5 on and take a pic of hak5 on a 17ft diagonal screen.

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I would like a projector, but then, why would I need it?

If you’re just going to use a projector for meeting and similar things you can get away with a cheap projector but if you plan on watching TV and movies, you will want to spend a lot more to improve the quality and you will also have to pay quite a bit more for the screen to make sure you see that quality.

I have a JVC DLA-HD10KU projector, a signal processing unit (Whitehorse Pro) from Silicon Optix, a screen from Stewart films and my sound setup is all Rotel and B&W. You can easily spend a huge amount on equipment.

If I was going for a 12ft X 12ft screen the cheapest projector I would be willing to watch TV with is a Sony VPL-VW100 LCOS as the image looks like shit on anything cheaper.

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I was planning on building one next summer. I've got most of the necessary parts laying around my basement. I'd love one for the parties in my apartment complex. Having a 12 ft screen projecting music videos, family guy, or a few football games on the side of the building for everyong to grab a chair and enjoy would be a great friend maker.

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