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The Best Hacker Mobile


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My preference would have to lay towards the nokia n900.

It comes with a nice little linux distro (installed!).

There are numerous tutorials on how to put a different distro on it, install your own packages, whatever you name it.

Unless Im mistaken im pretty sure that you can hook up a wifi adapter to it (usb host) or that the it supports packet injection out of the box.

All that considered I pick that as my phone of choice.


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So if your under 18 what are you wanting to do? Upgrade an existing plan? Get your own cell service? What service? Some phones only exist for certain pr

oviders. Also, 400 bucks at 18 you can definitely do that. Fix a few computers etc

Well basically I wanna do everything. And I'm living in Bulgaria so and don't care about plans because here you buy an unlocked phone without or with a plan and my choice is without. Thanks for giving me an idea of how to get some money.

It's not going to happen then... Your looking at 200-500$ either way... without a phone service

Nokia N900 (injection/have to root)

Nokia N810 (no injection/have to root, but its only $150/used) - NOTE: You can mod host mode and connect an RTL8187 adapter for injection (additional $30-50)

iPhone (no injection/have to jailbreak)

HP IPaq (injection varies with model)

Asus 900/A (injection/you have to compile) - Netbook Around $130-150

Asus 1005HA (injection/you have to compile) - Netbook

Android Droid (no injection/have to root)

Those are your main options, the best is the Nokia N900 for true mobility or if your looking for a mobile pc.. aka: netbook then go with the Asus 900A/1005HA

The 900A has a very slow/small ssd of only 4/8GB the 1005HA varies but averages about 150-300GB

-or- get any cheap laptop and get an alfa wifi card ($30-50)


Another option would be to take any hand held that has a terminal (N810 for example/or a ZipitZ2) and connect to your laptop in a bag... and remotely issue commands.

The Zipit Z2 is about $30-50 I could sell you a pre-modded one for $40 but keep in mind its really just for the terminal, I've not managed to get any decent tools running, if it could do perl then I could install set and maybe metasploit but its be painfully slow..

I said no problems with unlockings i have a friend which will unlock every phone for half the price if needed but I'm sure I will find the process on the net if needed. The note you gave me for the n810 is absolutely possible for the n900. And i thought why not the n900 it can do whatever i want(have android, run webOS programs and etc..) There is no way for me to ship a zipit z2 to bulgaria i also wanted to make my self a pineapple but ebay doesn't have it and amazon doesn't ship to here and i would rather save the money for a n900

perhaps tuxphone?

Defenetly not

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Well nmap metasploit can be installed on jailbroken iPhones, but it seems that it doesn't fit to your budget. maybe a second hand android will do it do it for you, although there aren't many hackind apps available. Arp spoofing and packet capture.

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