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  1. Server admin should check out Tekkit. http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/ Makes minecraft more fresh, adds an industrial feel to it. It sadly is not updated to the latest 1.2.4 version yet, but since clients use a launcher that doesn't effect your minecraft you don't have to downgrade for it. Just my two cents. -Remotesh
  2. Just in case UBCD4WIN doesn't work. (It didn't work at my school D: ) Why not use portable apps? Run the programs off of your flash-drive. Is there any programs in particular that you have in mind? At my school they have the student accounts locked down pretty solid and I use this to circumvent most of the restrictions. Or you could pop a flash-drive with a Live CD and you can go to town. Just my two cents. --Remotesh
  3. Rule of thumb is to not buy a netbook without researching, My Asus 1201n that I got used for 200$ has been excellent, though I researched for two months to find a netbook with a dual core processor and larger than average netbook screen. To OP If you want to get into Linux one of the must have skills is google-fu, if you don't have that... well any basic problem that comes up could become increasingly difficult. Its great that you want to get into it but instead of giving you specific models try searching for one that you like and can go to a store to try it out. A good series of laptops you could look into are the TimelineX series by Acer, the Republic Of Gamers Series (Nice CPU and GPU, Who doesnt want to game alittle?) by Asus, or Thinkpads by Lenovo. I dont have much experience with other series although I won't touch HP's or Compaq's due to previous experience. But that was years ago, so I digress. Hope I helped. -Remotesh
  4. I was using that but the guy doesn't explain it very well which is what I was looking for.
  5. From what I've heard the Nokia n900 supports packet injection and is real easy to set up with backtrack. That would be your best phone to start with (IMO). It also supports usb host, so there is all that goodness too :D Hope I Helped -Remotesh
  6. Google almost always delivers: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+stop+a+terminal+process&l=1 Also, don't limit yourself to just the hak5 forum for your answer, The ubuntu forums hold alot of information that is nice to know and is (generally) universely applicable to any linux distro. Personally I don't think you should have started with BackTrack its a more specialized linux distro. You should have eased yourself into it with Ubuntu or a distro similar (In my opinion). I personally use Linux Mint as my go to Distro and when I am pentesting I use BackTrack. Hope I helped. -Remotesh
  7. I want to stick to the java language(for graphics), other than that I don't have a problem with using any other tools/frameworks. I'll look into Haskell, I've never heard of it before, once I get Java down to pat. Thanks for the suggestions on Functional Programming, I'll probably get into that next. Thanks again, -Remotesh
  8. Im in AP Comp Sci (Highschool) and our Teacher is teaching us Java. I have some experience with Visual Basic and C++ so the logic is not a problem. (I've gotten the syntax pretty much down for java as well) I am having some trouble with the graphics aspect with it. (By graphics I don't mean the GUI more towards Graphics g ,paint, sprite animation, etc.) (I want to create a simple java game (perhaps a game like pong?) for extra credit in the class (not that I need it :D) and to learn a bit more about it.) I was just wondering if you guys have any books that go into detail about the graphical aspect of Java. I've browsed google and have downloaded a few pdf's on the subject and ordered some books from Amazon, I just would like to know what references you guys would recommend if any. Thanks for the help guys, --Remotesh Side Note would Ruby be a good language to learn next? Or would Python be a better choice? Python just seems to be a more "free" language.
  9. My preference would have to lay towards the nokia n900. It comes with a nice little linux distro (installed!). There are numerous tutorials on how to put a different distro on it, install your own packages, whatever you name it. Unless Im mistaken im pretty sure that you can hook up a wifi adapter to it (usb host) or that the it supports packet injection out of the box. All that considered I pick that as my phone of choice. -Remotesh
  10. A little change of pace from the usual questions. Mine was in seventh grade, I was in Keyboarding class. (keyboard typing practice) It was entirely too easy for me, so I went and wrote a simple program; that would get the words (we were using a program that prompted for the user to repeat what it displayed on screen.) then type them for me, I then added a delay so that I wouldn't have a wpm of a thousand. ;) What about you guys? -Remotesh
  11. I was just joking around, I found it funny how you were trying to be confusing. Thats all :D
  12. No, it didn't hold the same adventure or "open" levels the other games had, all the events were scripted and not being able to hold all my guns was a bummer. Even after they added the extra two guns i just couldn't stomach it, mainly because it ruined game balance.
  13. Valve wants to release a 2 of all their games before they release a Half Life 3 :D Besides a new counterstrike game means more Hak5 Lan Parties.
  14. Just a quick question, what distro's are you trying to use that don't work with YUMI's multiboot? I've found that it can support stuff that it doesn't officially support, and if it doesn't there is usually a quick fix for it, if your willing to google the problem. Then again, I haven't felt the need to update my multiboot drive in a while. Been using Mint, Backtrack, and Puppy for most of my linux needs. (I stick with Gnome or KDE, I absolutely detest the newer versions of Ubuntu and just update them from an older install.) -Remotesh
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