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  1. Yes your idea about creating a very large file is basically correct, but because the file system is in use and the operating system is running, the amount of free disk space will vary slightly all the time, meaning the data you wanted to get overwritten may not get overwritten. You can do this yourself using the 'dd' command (there's no timer or anything so settle in as it may take a while), although I think this is pretty much all that Disk Utility does anyway: dd if=/dev/zero of=/huge.file bs=512 && rm /huge.file [/CODE] That will create a file in the / directory and call it 'huge.file', then fill it with nothing but zeroes from '/dev/zero' until the disk runs out of space (using a block size of 512). When the dd operation is completed and the drive is full, the next part of the command will delete the huge file to free the space again.
  2. Thanks for the reply, downloading now...
  3. I want to download a linux distro full of holes, so I can work on my skills in pen testing. I've been meaning to download Damn Vulnerable Linux, but notice that according to DistroWatch, it's been discontinued. Is this still a good platform to work with or is there anything better?
  4. Is the local Admininstrator account password protected? Are all machines protected from use of konboot/ophcrack, etc?
  5. On my linux systems (these are just home machines): -disable ssh to prevent brute force attacks -disable remote desktop -enable ufw -use a strong root password and don't use the root account -enable automatic security updates On my windows systems which I manage for myself and family: -microsoft security essentials to proactively block malware -malwarebytes for on demand scanning -windows firewall -automatic windows updates & manual checks -prey in case of theft -every now and then run ninite to auto update flash/java/browser Router: -strong admin password -WPA or better encryption which a non dictionary key -hardware firewall enabled
  6. iisjman07

    Mac Fgdump

    Morning Hak5 forum-goers, I recently started hacking and playing around on Macs. I was wondering if there is a similar tool to fgdump that can be used on the Mac. Right now I have physical access to a mac server which is managing the student and teacher user accounts at my local school - the machine is behind a locked door (which I have access to), but left logged in as an administrator, so I could run any external applications I need to and have full access to the network. I was hoping somebody might have an idea so that I could dump password hashes or something similar, but hacking about with Macs is new territory. Any help is greatly appreciated :).
  7. Grep shouldn't take long to complete; it depends in what situation you're using it. Please post the command you run which is taking a long time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You should be able to stop a runaway command by pressing CTRL+C in the terminal window. If you want a CTRL+ALT+DELETE style method, you could run the command 'top' which will show the most system intensive processes, note down the PID (Process ID), then use the 'kill' command to kill of the screwey processes
  8. One thing that people often forget to stop/can't stop because students need it, is the ability to create & run macros in excel. Using macros you can read/edit the registry (try removing some registry values to get around restrictions), launch command prompts, and more fun stuff.
  9. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/082411-mit-tep-250077.html?source=nww_rss
  10. I don't know how to stop powering the device, but as long as the file system is unmounted then you shouldn't suffer data corruption
  11. I just found an article on Network Security written by the Open University: http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=399423 Only had a chance to give it a quick look-over, but looks reasonably good
  12. I'd agree, the questions seem a bit basic. Let me know if you update them and I'll do the new survey
  13. Not sure where I heard it but I tell this to concerned customers as I work in a computer shop: choose something you can't remember and then don't write it down
  14. You may want to try this software: http://www.crackpassword.com/products/prs/mswin/efs/, it's not free but Google is always a friend
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