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Backtrack 5 Pptp Client


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Hi Guys, me again.

I've just got BackTrack 5 installed as a secondary OS on my Laptop. (Windows 7 Pro is my first)

Everything is set up and working great, can get on wireless without having to do anything.

Just wondering if there is a PPTP VPN Client available.

I installed PPTP-Linux via 'Apt-get install pptp-linux' but there doesn't seem to be much documentation or help on it.

Any ideas would be great.

Kind regards,


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If you use the Gnome-WM you should have access to the packages "network-manager" "network-manager-gnome" and finally "network-manager-pptp" (not sure of this special one, though, try "apt-cache search network manager pptp")

Be careful: If you switch your network manager from wicd to the gnome-nm you will have to redo some configuration and lose wicd. I personally prefer the gnome-built-in solution because it allows me to configure _every_ network connection. WiFi, ethernet, VPN, you name it.

Hope this helps.



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