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defrag pfft <windows/>


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The person that suggested Norton should be shot.

Firing Squad at dawn.

No need to bring your own rifle I'll lend them out.

(Not to be completely off topic, but Disk Defragmenter, i.e. the one that comes with windows really isn't that bad.)

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How about using ext3? You'll never have to defragment you partions again ;)

This isnt always true

Not to be a asshole or anything but I thought this should be brought up.

Since ext3 is a journaling files system, it RARELY needs defraging.

In all fairness, consumers will never have to defrag an ext3 filesystem, BUT, some high-traffic filesystem intensive servers need regular defraging to keep speed up. For all intents and purposes, you dont need to defrag ext3 systems.

However, I'm guessing hakgipc isnt an enterprise server operator, so Sparda, you definately are right.

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