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Buying Media Without Drm


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Hi Everyone,

My son has recently become enamored with the kid's show "The Fresh Beat Band", and I see it available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, however I know Amazon you have to install their software and pray a device is supported, and I am getting mixed information about whether or not the video from iTunes has DRM or not. My main concern is that I do not want to buy the same thing multiple times to be able to play it on multiple devices. My main concerns are being able to throw an episode or two onto my HTC Incredible for when we are out somewhere and we need a quick distraction for the boy, and either playable locally or streamed to my PS3.

If you guys know one way or the other with proof of iTunes having no DRM, or another source entirely that is reputable I would greatly appreciate it.


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I wouldn't pay $35 or $50 for a CD, just use torrents its a lot cheaper and everyone does it.

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I don't have or use iTunes, and probably never will, and not because of DRM. Anyway, I can't seem to find it on Amazon for DVD, so buying it doesn't seem to even be possible from them. What devices would you be able to play it on from iTunes other than the iPod and a PC?

The nickjr site has 4 full episodes you can watch online. If you pirate it, thats your choice, but I would keep searching for an alternative, like a DVD or bluray version when it comes out in stores. Then you can play it where ever you want.

What we did in my house is got Netflix, so we can watch things over and over again because my kids will sit through spngebob all day if I let them. What ever isn't on streaming usually is on DVD, but even Netflix doesn't have this show yet, so might be too new still. If its in the first season, you probably would have to wait till season 2 starts to buy it on DVD or show up on Netflix, so if you can't wait and your kid must have it, go the iTunes route. I would say searching their site would tell you more if it has DRM or not, although I believe everything you buy from iTunes has DRM on it.

Does your cable provider have it OnDemand? Hell, use a VCR if you have to or buy a DVR and make your own recordings. You can even use a PC to record digital copies for playback, just need a card for capturing video or a tv tuner. Might be cheaper to buy a tv tuner than buy all the episodes individually from iTunes, and then you sort of future proof yourself for other shows you want to record down the road, like the next season.

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