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  1. Holy balls ARM? really? man now I really want a android device.
  2. I'm kinda getting tired of pandora and would love to try Spotify,problem is I live in Canada and cant seem to find a proxy that co-operates with spotifys website. Any light you guys can shine on this would be great.
  3. Gladly, I mountain bike every summer. Send me a helmet cam and Ill show ya what I can do.
  4. I'm with Infiltrator, he more or less wrote my post already :P
  5. Nothing particularly impressive in this video, pretty much just a standard down hill course you'd see on any mountain, just happens to be in a city. more dangerous for the on lookers than the riders as well.
  6. Unless you are going to go with more nefarious route of downloading I think your best bet is to buy and rip dvds
  7. Ahh fair enough, Im going to buy the m11x unless I find somthing better once my tax return arives
  8. For the price of that Asus you might as well buy the M11x. www.alienware.com/Landings/promotions.aspx?ref=Promotions I know, I know everyone hates Alienware but it is a good sale
  9. The M11x is actually dirt cheap at the moment as far as Alienware goes. As for a Mac, there is nothing special about them if you not going to be using OSX so no point in one of those imo. If your not going to be gaming just get whatever you can afford.
  10. I still have the radio my boss gave me years ago when I worked for the city, you'd be suprised how many people use them for random chatter. Then of course there is all the people who have them for work purposes such as police. There is always somthing you can use. Its not completly out of the realm of possibilies to send information great distance by sending it from person to person via radio
  11. Hmm, I like the mouse idea, instead of disguising it as a mouse why not just make the cable split at the end one being the mouse and the other the drive that way it still is a fully functional mouse.
  12. You can scare the skid all you want, chances are he A) wont configure the RAT properly or B) it will get crippled by AV software before he can make use of it. that aside even if he does manage to get it on her computer undetected I hope she would notice the glowing re light on her cam.
  13. Good to hear good feedback on it, Testout looks good as well but I like how with CBT I can get a 1 year licence. Edit: though testout has the mcitp training suite, hmmm decisions.
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