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Webcam Spy Software


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I don't want to be disrespectful but what you are trying to do is illegal and can get you canned.

Now if you refine your search you will most likely find the answer to your question.

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You can scare the skid all you want, chances are he A) wont configure the RAT properly or B) it will get crippled by AV software before he can make use of it.

that aside even if he does manage to get it on her computer undetected I hope she would notice the glowing re light on her cam.

That's why she should cover it up, so other people can't watch her for free.

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Poision Ivy rat to name one, but you'll need to install it up front or send it in with an installer for something else (trojan)

99.9% chance, they'll have enough protection for it to get blocked.

Does the RAT tool generate the Trojan for you, or you have to download it separately?

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