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One way to avoid corrupted mp3 files


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This was mentioned in a post upstream but I don't think with enough emphasis. One sure way to produce a corrupted mp3, meaning either the wrong tags or the wrong selection or with a shortened (few hundred kb) file length is to take one of the actions that will stop the current selection during the 15 sec. before the grab. This includes a thumbs down, or a "Don't play this..." or "I don't like this..." or a change of station. (Doesn't happen every time for a change of station, but the others are quite reproducable). The next grab will nearly always be corrupted. After that it straightens out and things are ok from then on. So don't be too impatient to trash that turkey that's just started playing.

Related to this (I think) is what happens when the song counter causes Pandora to reload. It always starts the reload after only a few notes of a new selection, i.e. exactly the condition described above. The effect is to nearly always skip the first grab of the newly loaded Pandora. At least it doesn't corrupt anything, but the first grab almost never happens (and sometimes the first two). Would it be possible to delay the reload until after the grab? Not sure this would fix it but it's worth a try.


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