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Xbox Arcade


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Ok, I can't say how many times I've wanted to build an arcade machine, but come to think of it, buying an xbox would be cheaper than a minimal computer. Here's what the price would come down to:

Xbox w/ 2 controllers off ebay ~$150

24'' TV from Walmart ~$140

the RIGHT version of mechassault: ~$5 + some digging around

Bum a memory card off a friend or buy one for

an xbox emulator from xbins $0

Arcade cabinet: ~$25-100

Then if you want, you can do with the xbox controllers what Darren did to the PS2 controllers, splice a USB end onto the xbox controller cable, use the MechAssault exploit, and play away.

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Let me make some changes to your list

  • Old computer (garbage day, garage sale)

Old joystick or gamepad (garbage, garage sale, basement, cheep co. store)

17" Monitor (basement, garbage, garage sale)

Extra storage (garbage, basement, newegg)

Button set (~$30 online)

Linux (free - internet)

Mame (free -internet)

Arcade cabinet: ~$25-100

I saved you $300, have fun

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ok, revised list then:

old xbox not in use anymore

old TV not in use anymore

arcade cabinet: ~$25-100

bummed off MechAssault game

speakers: none required, using a TV :wink:

I matched your price, and boot quicker, can press down 3 buttons (assuming you were using a keyboard), uses less power, and can still play xbox games. Plus you don't have to muck about with getting all your old hardware working correctly.

Not to diss any Linux solution (I primarily use it myself), but if you mess around with an old xbox for a while that has been modded, you'll see what kind of advantages it can have. Having a system where most of the operating system tasks are taken care of through hardware is awesome. I mean going from powered off to up, internet connection, playing a DVD or a ROM in 15 seconds is great.

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rm /etc/rc.d/init.d/*

Yes, I'm joking, but you should consider not running a TON of apps by default for starters.

Second, there's an alternative version of init out there that tries to streamline the programs started on boot by starting as many as possible in the background (i.e. making them start simultaneously).

Finally, I do believe Linux supports suspend, so just use that. Back up in mere seconds, and everything's already running.

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Linux can boot up faster than normal, but it is all very tricky. The reason I suggested the xbox is because I modded mine a month or so ago and was thinking of possible uses for it. I still think the xbox would boot faster (unless Linux can instantly boot up 2 seconds after BIOS gets to it). And when people turn it on, you always get that xbox video thing of the floating green goop that I believe is something only Microsoft has: liquid money.

As for suspend, I believe I tried it (without looking in to it way too much) and it was spoony at best.

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