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The other day i was trying to open a file and I accidentally clicked virtual box by accident.

This changed all of my desktop icons to virtual box( with the exception of the default Microsoft apps) and all the programs in my start menu to virtual box.

Now when i click on any of these it opens virtual box.

Question: Is there a quicker way to fix this than deleting all of these shortcuts and re-adding them?

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Are you sure you didn't get hit with some sort of Java malware? What happens if you uninstall Virtual Box?

You could also try a restore point, to a date prior to the day this happened. All else fails, create a new user on the system, migrate your important files over to the new profile(be sure to get all the desktop files, your profile documents, etc), then delete the old one.

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If you right click on the file itself, does it give you the option to undo or revert the change back to what it was before?

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