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Facebook Hacked


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My Facebook was hacked by the same idiot twice, if you havn´t heard there was a suicide bomber in sweden the other day and the one that hacked the account wrote:

BOMB WILL EXPLODE SOON AT Karlshamn.....TAKE CARE.... (Taimour Abdulwahab'S BROTHER)

and a pic of his brother

(Taimour Abdulwahab) is the name of the suicide bomber.

The police cant do anything and i just want to make his live miserable!!! i have 2 ip numbers he used to hack, is there any possibility if he isnt hiding behind a ip switcher of some kind to get the name of him and funnier his facebook and hack it!?!

What i do know is that he knows arabian since he changes the language on Facebook to arabian. I got my account back but i am afraid he got some sort of spyware on my comp so ill format it to be sure.

Sorry for the drastic measures but i really hate these kind of idiots!!

And im sorry since i know this isnt the kind of hacking you guys do but still...

great site with great info on it btw!

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The hack probably consisted of one of the following (and thus is not a hack):

Your facebook password is easy to guess

Your email account password is easy to guess

You told someone your email account password

You told someone your facebook password

Your secret question for your facebook account is easy to guess

Your secret question for your email account is easy to guess

It's possible there is malware on your computer stealing your passwords

IP addresses are fairly worthless, there are ways to conceal ones true IP address.

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Change all of your passwords asap, to something 16 characters or more that contains a mix of numbers, letters & symbols, but format your computer first.

Make a extra windows account which is not your root account and then create a virtualbox inside your user account to run all questionable downloaded files and to play on facebook.. but even then you are not completely safe. *evil laugh muahahahahaha* j/k


you could set up some kind of sniffer or turn your current box into a honeypot so next time he hacks your computer you can log everything he is doing and see how it is being done to stop it.

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