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Have you noticed how much DDOS attacks have been occurring this month.

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its amusing to say the least just as long as they leave my sites alone :)

What's your website URL, so I can see if there is anything that may trigger a DDos against your site.

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Yeah, I read something about that the other night. Its like "Hello McFly", they have every IP address of the accounts to people logged on to the games, you don't think they would be able to track it back to your home, even when not logged into the game? Thats almost as bad as the guy from Anonymous sending a PDF press release on the wikileaks attack, and not scrubbing his name from the documents meta data.

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lmao hahahahahaha that just made me lol

@infiltrator my sites are pretty secure i keep them updated regularly ... most run on wordpress and are housed on external servers

and yes lol at the wordpress ... its the best most productive way of producing easily updatable sites and if the clients are slightly tech savy they can manage their own content which saves me loads of time.

i started out using html 1.0 and every site was bespoke but its sooo intensive if people want comments/products/backoffice/forum etc etc

only if they have loads of money would i ever consider a full blown bespoke site

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