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Can't Find Network


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I was wondering how you can “hack” or moniter a wireless network when the network in question does not show up on any of the scans, even though you know for a fact its turned on, in use and in perfect working order.

I have a dual boot windows/BackTrack 4 laptop and my friend has a usb Vodafone broadband dongle in order to access the internet and when I try to find it in the list of available networks with both my windows side and my backtrack side - the network does not show up.

Does any one know a way to get round this?

All suggestions are welcome, thank you.

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You can use Kismet to try and search for that non-broadcasting wireless.

But I am not 100% whether you will be able to find your friends Vodafone wireless, since its a different network altogether. But it would be nice to see, what happens I've always wanted to try this.

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Like Sparda said, its more than likely a cell network provider and on a 3g network. you would need different equipment to monitor cellular networks than standard wifi. Two completely different animals.

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