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So I am a Scottish student in my second year of my Networking Degree and I am taking the opportunity to move to the USA for 3months this summer. I have got the visa sorted and it will cover me for the whole of america.

I am trying to get a job for the three months while I am there but I have no clue where to really start looking as the USA is quite a big place.

Was hoping the hak5 community could shed some light on some of the best cities they stay or have visited? Maybe even hook a brother up with a summer job?ha ha

Any advice would be really appreciated

Cheers folks :)

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first off i didnt know people in scottland said "yo".

second there are no jobs in america right now.

third, NYC is an awesome city for tourist. california would be a fun place too but iv never been there. there is allot of cities in california to visit. but i think NYC is a must. there is ALOT to do......if you have money. atlantic city or vegas are fun places....also if you have money. DC can be fun if you dont mind walking over homeless people.

just stay away from camden or newark, or detroit, or south maimi.

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Job opportunities are pretty tight in America.

If you want to be able to find a job come to Australia.

It will be a bit easier to find a job, plus Australia is not as big as USA but you can have fun.

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You should come check out my home state of California. All of southern California is pretty fun. If you have the money, check out Las Vegas for sure!

Las Vegas, Hotels, Girls and Money, one day I might come your way.

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Is the job suppose to pay your way for the 3 months or do you have that covered and are just looking for relevant experience?

Any sort of pay would be a huge bonus but I understand the situation that the economy is in. So if I could get a chance to work in the relevant sector with no pay then I would be up for that as well:)

I'm 21 and have my A+, DHTI+, CCNA and university education but they ain't worth nearly as much as some good old work experience.

What time of the year is DEFCON 2011?


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The US is too big to see it all and enjoy it in a small amount of time. If you're going to be on the east coast you gotta hit up NYC, Philly, and D.C. On the west coast San Francisco / Silicon Valley, L.A., Las Vegas. If you get a chance to explore I'd recommend New Orleans and Austin. I make a point of going to Miami every year at least once, it's very difficult to have a bad time there.

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