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Vtech V.reader Toy Or Much More?


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I am just curious if anyone here has seen the new toy from Vtech the V Reader and wondered the same thing I have. how hard would it be to break this open and make this a bigger better 'toy' for those of us like me who grew up wishin they had a PADD watchin reruns of star trek.

I have yet to get my hands on one of these but if anyone here has kids and have one of these layin around and would be willing to take a quick peak under the hood for me i would be in your debt. I would hate to spend the $60usd and then only be able to use the touch screen and maybe a couple other parts. I would however like to run a basic linux distro and use it as a'tablet' if it's possible.

all i know right now is what is in the manual and so far im not seeing anythin that gives me a solid feeling i can do what id like to with this so please anyone let me know what you think should i buy one and hope its not a waste or what?

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lol well im not gonna debate which is better cause i enjoy both.

I guess I will just start lookin at the thrift stores and yard sales in the area and see if i can find a v reader for a few $$ and see what i find i figure that if nothin else dependin on the chipset in it i can always try to load linux from the sd card slot but will just have to see.

as i said before if anyone finds out anythin before i do please share what you find out.


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