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Just A Question About The Alfa.


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So after watching an episode of hak5 i decided to get myself an Alfa but the store close to me have 2 different versions of the alpha and im having a hard time deciding wich one to get so here are the different versions.

1. The same one Darren used if i remember correctly, Alfa AWUS036H v5 b/g - 90$

2. A more expensive, updated version, Alfa AWUS050NH v2 a/b/g/n 300Mbit - 117$

Im currently leaning against the newer one since the difference in price isn't really an issue but i would appreciate any input i can get

since newer items tend to have more defects.


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woah, where are you looking at these? Those prices are way off, should be around $40 for the N version. Also, I'm not sure how well the N version is working with backtrack, it may have been updated, but i'm not sure. I've bought my Alfas from here http://www.data-alliance.net/-strse-158/Al...00mW/Detail.bok

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The only issue I see with Alfa AWUS050NH v2 a/b/g/n is compatibility with backtrack 4. Apparently there are some drivers that can make it work with backtrack 4.

However this Alfa AWUS036H v5 b/g, doesn't seem to have much issues, which is the version that Darren uses. Besides the Alfa AWUS050NH has a high gain antenna, good for long range connectivity.

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I checked the price list after reading the post and noticed that the people running the store i was talking is most likely completely insane, it would be cheaper for me to import it from the states. I'm still considering wich one to get but im starting to go more towards the Alfa AWUS050NH since it has the extra range so thank you for the input on this.

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