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  1. @digip I've recently started getting into programming and felt like it would be fun to safely study virus code as well as constructing some minor harmless ones myself and i needed a fully secure USB drive to transport it between locations. @Infiltrator Thanks avast was perfect and easy to use, i created a virus chest on the usb and the encryption programs i was trying to use apparently didnt work on drives but it worked wonders on the virus chest so problem solved, thank for the help everyone ! //ILikePandabears
  2. Do you have any recommended AV, I tried a few free AV's but they had some trouble with either not stopping the files or just flat out removing them.
  3. So I've been sitting and toying around with different encryption tools for my usb drive and i was wondering if there is any antivirus/firewall that can contain different virusfiles on a specific folder on the drive without it spreading ?
  4. So this is my little dilemma. I just bought myself a nice new 24dbi grid antenna (http://www.data-alliance.net/-strse-171/Antenna-24dBi-Grid-Parabolic/Detail.bok) this was the closest one to my own i could find in english and i have it connected to a CM9 MiniPCI card, 802.11abg and the problem is im getting a weaker signal from that antenna than i get from my 8dbi D-Link antenna. Im using a 2 meter low loss cable so i doubt that would weaken the signal as much as it does so im kind of lost to what could cause a problem like this so i turn to the people that know most about this stuff, the hacking community ! I would be very grateful for any help or suggestions you can give to what could be wrong with the signal and if you would need any more information just let me know and i will post it as soon as i can. // ILikePandabears
  5. Both my friends phone name and MAC address is listed on the router and i also checked his phone and the connection information was the standard that comes with the phone and that just makes me more curious.
  6. Okay so i was out eating at a restaurant when i for fun started trying standard passwords for a router and i acctually get in to it. When i get in i see several iphone's and laptops are connected to the router, several of those being my friends machines that i know live far enough away that they wouldnt be connected to it. So i call one of my friends and tell him what i found and he tells me his iphone is only connected to the mobile internet 3G so is it possible i somehow got in to a access point for the 3G network ? Oh and i just tried adding the information from that router as an APN and I'll be damned it acctually worked.
  7. I checked the price list after reading the post and noticed that the people running the store i was talking is most likely completely insane, it would be cheaper for me to import it from the states. I'm still considering wich one to get but im starting to go more towards the Alfa AWUS050NH since it has the extra range so thank you for the input on this.
  8. So after watching an episode of hak5 i decided to get myself an Alfa but the store close to me have 2 different versions of the alpha and im having a hard time deciding wich one to get so here are the different versions. 1. The same one Darren used if i remember correctly, Alfa AWUS036H v5 b/g - 90$ 2. A more expensive, updated version, Alfa AWUS050NH v2 a/b/g/n 300Mbit - 117$ Im currently leaning against the newer one since the difference in price isn't really an issue but i would appreciate any input i can get since newer items tend to have more defects. //ThePanda
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