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its ok i got excited thought mac had made an enquiry into some software i coded but its not its just someone with an @mac.com email address sorry for the post :(

*mental not ... google is your friend*

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I have a @mac.com email, but am in no way affiliated with apple. Apple has a premium service that used to be called .mac. It gives you email, online storage that mounts in finder and windows explorer, and syncs all your mac settings, contacts, saved passwords, dashboard widgets, bookmarks, etc... When it was .mac, the email addresses were email@mac.com. With the addition of the iphone in all of this, it was changed to MobileMe. All existing users got to keep their mac.com name, and also get a me.com address, where as all new users get a me.com address only. So basically, there's no way to get a new mac.com address anymore

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