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Iphone 4 Jailbrake ( I Know I Know Droid Rulz )


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Better do it quick, apparently apple are working of a fix for the PDF exploit that allows it to work.

I did it on my iPhone 3G because I wanted multi-tasking as so far the phone is handling it fine, no reason for it not to be enabled on the iPhone 3G.

Also, I like how you had to post "Droid Rules" as if you were going to be flamed for talking about the iPhone. As long as a post is of value and not slagging the other off I doubt you would get flamed (at least here anyway). Its like PC vs Mac vs Linux.

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Ya it was easy, also for the Apple update just don't and it would still work. Also a warning I jailbroke and installed terminal and well the ipod froze after I clicked reboot on cydia then went into a start reboot freeze take ten minutes and just see apple logo, to solve iTunes won't recognize the iPod while it is booting so do this:

******* Warning this will make you lose everything (you can resync with a backup and be fine) but it will hopefully fix the problem *********

1. Hard Reset (Both Home and Power Button for 10 seconds)

2. How Hard Reset to apple logo apears

3. Put it in recover mode by releasing the power button but keeping holding the home button until an iTunes symbol and a cord appear (connect to iTunes picture)

4. Connect to iTunes and restore :(

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as jail breaking has been declared legal ... if they close all the loop holes there will be uproar i bet

im not going to get into the iphone debate here lol but watch this ... it'll make you laugh

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