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Something Sitting Between Me And My Router?


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for the blind> http://tanpantsmedia.com/h5/network.png

I am the top left machine with a ? sitting between me and the main router. is this just a bug or is something screwy on my network?

xbox360media is just a VM that sits on server, but thats not showing up correctly either.

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Make sure there is no person connected to your network via the wireless. Make sure you are using WPA NOT WEP, choose a strong passphrase.

Have you got any other device connected to the network, apart from the ones on the diagram?

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I saw a ? between one of my wireless machines and my router a couple weeks ago when I used the WIN7 network map for the first time. I did a little reading around and I can't be sure, but I think it has something to do with the 'new' Microsoft virtual WLAN adapter. I don't recall what they call the technology at the moment, but google probably remembers. I imagine that a driver rollback (depending on how old your previous driver is) might give some clue as to weather or not that is what causes the question mark. If you happen to bother, let me know what you learn and I'll do the same.

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