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  1. for the blind> http://tanpantsmedia.com/h5/network.png I am the top left machine with a ? sitting between me and the main router. is this just a bug or is something screwy on my network? xbox360media is just a VM that sits on server, but thats not showing up correctly either.
  2. I've been using something similar for a couple of years(but much smaller) to play pranks on people, taking control of their keyboard/mouse. people will send their pcs back to IS/IT get them back as a fresh pc and then plug this thing right back into their machine. Darren if you see this, for my request I used a different forum username (valkyries) sorry I keep forgetting about my original account.
  3. Tank eye view with the driving software. the image will be color but the wireless camera batteries were running a bit low, Chassis, Batch 1 Batch 2 the battles start this Wednesday night and I'll try to post some of the footage, the last tank battles are Friday night.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vMpgK16y6s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKD449TlMro Two new videos I took tonight, only watched the first half of the second video the rest is just me covers the lens on my phone :P
  5. doesnt IPB 'secure' the passwords by "salting" them?
  6. The Tank Battalion is coming together nicely
  7. The Bottom board is being run by a Pic16f767 for those who are wondering stacks of tanks are starting to form :P
  8. we actually modified the gear box, we cut off the tabs at the back of the gear box so we could use the large gears. here is the boost supply / connector board that connects the top and bottom boards. here are the cameras top of all pcbs bottom of all pcbs
  9. within the next two weeks the software should be ironed out by the other guys. Either tomorrow or Tuesday I will be starting the assembly of 40 more tanks, we have 4 completed so far(thou one was physical destroyed, someone ran it over with their chair). Each tank consists of 3 boards, I will show more of that in the next two weeks as I assemble them. We will have the final 40 at a trade during the last week of July, our little competition with these will be July 29th and 30th the finals will be the 31st. Hopefully I can send one of these tanks to the hak5 crew so they can turn it into a little hak house rover. here's some pictures I took Friday bottomleft monitor is showing the 2.4ghz spectrum you can see 4 spikes that's the cameras. the bottom right monitor is the little test program to drive the tanks. top monitor is just video from the camera looking out our building.
  10. the 2009 version has the following MCU's: pic16f1937 > game pc pic32******** > rules pc / tcp ip stack for the wifi one more pic16f767 > motor control / battery charger / edge detection the top board has the 16f1937 and the pic 32. For the AI competition we only let the players program the 16f1937. this is so people cant cheat in the game, and so they cant screw up any of the main functions of the tank. Also on the top board is a zero-g wireless card. The second pic16 goes on the bottom board to take care of the motor controller, the lithium-ion battery charger and the edge detector. we found a 2.4 ghz camera with a four channel receiver, but in close proximity with four cameras running it kills the wifi in the area. so we are going to try 2 2.4ghz cameras and 2 900mhz cameras. the camera is about 1inch cubed, they run about 3 hours with a 9v battery edit: We are using C to program all the MCUs
  11. IPS has rewritten IP.B does hak5 plan on upgrading?
  12. What kind of Solder came in the kit?
  13. Ok so the tank is nearly 100% complete. We ran into a slight problem running 4 tanks and 4 live video streams through 802.11 that we decided to change the cameras over to 900mhz(they also use about 1/3 the power). The tank now how software you run on your mac or pc to control the tank. This weeks video is just of the tank being controlled from about 20feet away. When the tank shoots we simulate recoil by driving the tank backward for 1/2 a second. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXZBTRZ045E
  14. here is a Application Note on a small motor controller, I believe it can handle upto 20amps. http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/AppNotes/00847a.pdf The source code and schematic are provided.
  15. 40 gear boxes, 80 tank tracks, Bottom of the lower board of the tank, Top of the lower board of the tank, hey Darren if your following this, If i have an extra tank after all this I'll trade you one of your pineapples for one of these tanks.
  16. does the gear box look like this? the programmer you would prob use for the chips on the designs I could share would only cost you 35$ brand new(a PICkit 2).
  17. What kind of gear box are you using? I think 15amp peak is way over kill, but i will look into it and get back to you. I always like to build everything myself, so you might want to look into making your own but it would involve some programming.
  18. you should be able to find speed controllers that can handle 10amps continuous shouldn't cost you that much more like 30. I could build you two controllers that could handle 9amp spikes for $10. You don't need a victor or jaguar speed control for a little banebot motor :P if you were to switch to the fisherprice motor / gear box you could probably have more control over your torque problems, and they were originally designed for these little kid cars.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fWEYF8uf5g took a little video of an old tank shooting the new tank. last night we got the tanks talking to a PC app. updates the PC with its Stats: shields left, bullets left, where the tank is being shot from, battery voltage, tank speed,
  20. well thats only a days worth of work. right now we are debugging the wifi traffic, and getting the I2C up and running. Once everything is 100% working we should be able to give out the schematics and code(SHOULD be able to but don't quote me.). look familiar?
  21. I was playing with the tanks the other day, had alittle idea to mod one of the pcbs to be a wifi web server that will hang off my badge at work. it would be about 1" x 1.5" and less then 1/2" thick(not included a power source). I might have to start another thread on this one thou,
  22. gear boxes came in the other day, same goes for the tank tracks, separating out all the gear box parts, to many parts, we should be ordering 35-40 PCB sets either this week or next. put together two more prototypes together today,
  23. toss a free TCP\IP stack on a PIC then connect it to that wifi module, already works with the tanks.
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