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View Screen Of Victim Of A Karma Attack

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Look into Hamster/Ferret combo.


I don't think there is a way to see their screen as keys are being pressed, that is a lil bit much to believe unless stated before they VNC inject them.

pcap files alone give you enough info. That and they said only stuff sent on un-encrypted channels would be seen. Well as we know not so with SSL Strip.

Karma is just a MITM (Man-in-the-middle) tool. Like the Jasager/Pineapple.

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Does anyone know how its possible to view the live screen of the victim of the karma attack.

This video reports that it is possible however I am not sure what software the Pen Tester is using to demo this capability.


Any thoughts?



Found this tutorial on the The Ethical Hacker, that demonstrates how to do a VNCinjection and watch the victims computer screen in real time.


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There are scripts out there to make it easier than that link shows. But that is the web interface way to do it. I prefer the command line interface. But that is just preference.

That site shows examples of exploiting OS Vulnerabilities. You can also exploit browser vulnerabilities as well to get a VNC injection. Since you are MITM you can re-route an add on a page or the whole page to your malicious server to infect the machine. Browser Vulnerabilities :D

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