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So I recently made a FreeNas box ( you can go to the "Questions" forum here, and find more about my issues.)

But one of the big ones is Backup speed @ 1.5 mbps I cannot afford to do a backup everyday.

I have looked into rsync, and look great, except that it look complicated and require editting things server side.

Now watch this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-2hRRY6Oww... this is is the kind of program I want, where you just specify the source and output and there you go!

So what do you suggest? DeltaCopy? Use the command line? Could you code this for me?

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Could you please provide us with your system specs?

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assuming you have an internal disk and a usb caddy setup, just run through mounting it via the web page the create a cron job todo it nightly or alike then just cp -R from dir A to dir B

a being the data source and B the caddy

if that isnt quick enough the its doing it through usb 1 or the server isnt upto spec for what u want

course rsync is best no cp as that willcopy all not just newer files

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