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wh1t3 and n3rdy

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I think it's pretty cool. Obviously it could also be pretty stupid, you say under your house? But I'm assuming there aren't really any near you? Well shit, I'd be happy with it. As long as your fridge is able to contain beer you should be pretty sorted.

This might not be very helpful as I think I'm just asking your question back to you, but maybe you should think of some projects, I dunno maybe like a beowulf cluster. Or gaming if people want it, stick it on your site and get people to vote. It's hard to say becaue I'm not from your area, but there should be somewhere you can get the word out to the right kind of people.

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Well we plan to game for some of the time so that's covered, and it's not just open to the public at this point, I am inviting people I trust.

We do have some project ideeas in mind, but that will be decided upon at out first meetup. I dont want to get too ambitious until we find our feet.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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