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Chip And Pin


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I always have my skepticism about systems like that. There is always a way to get around a system like that, its only a matter of time until someone discovers how to.

Thanks for posting that up Joeypesci.



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Just a signature base system doesn't really work either. Was in the USA about 6 years ago for a 2 week holiday. Went to buy something in a store and signed the receipt after the guy gave me my card back. So what was the point in that then, as he never checked it match that on the back of the card. Was in the Caterpillar clothing store in New Port, Kentucky.

Also in Myers at the till put the card in what seemed like a chip and pin device but you just sign your signature on it instead. Yet again no attempt to check my signature matched that on the back of the card.

Card crime in the US must be massive :)

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Most of the time when i buy something from a store with a credit card, they don't ask me for ID unless it's a large purchase.

I still ask if they need to see my ID, just to mess with them. :P

Most of the time, the guys who ask for ID only check that the name on the ID matches the one on that card.

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Once I got back from the US about a week later my friend e-mailed me from there. I shall now embarrass her. She worked in a theatre in the ticket office. An old dear came in to buy a ticket and handed her a $100 bill. She took it and gave her the change. Her shift finished and she went home. She got woken up later by her boss on the phone, asking her to come back into the office due to a security issue. She did. They asked her about the bill. She said she remembered an old woman handed it over when she brought a ticket.

They showed her the other side of the bill. It was blank.



In the UK we double check £20 aren't fake, holding up to the light to check the watermark, so a $100 bill with one blank side would never get past us :)

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Guest Deleted_Account

Ha i had to laugh at this because my bank (Scotia) has FORCE issued pin and chip and hardly any stores are actually equipped to use them at least in canada! I think it is greatly stupid to force everyone to switch when there is nobody forcing the stores to upgrade or in some cases just turn on the feature! I mean really? if it never gets used its not an improvement. also shouldn't they protect the information on the chip with something like AES? something that wouldn't get broken 10 minutes after its released.

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This is a first. Went into M&S today and on one till the chip and pin reader was broken. She said she'd have to swipe the card instead. I've been on that till before with it broken. But it was swiped and I still had to enter my pin. This time it was swiped and that was it. It went through without me entering a pin or signing anything.

Her not being technical laughed it off saying "Lucky you're not a robber". Erm, how do you know I wasn't and that wasn't just a test? I told her it was odd, it should only go through with a pin. I was going to suggest they have that till etc checked out, but didn't want to be called an arse so left it.

I then call Nationwide and they said "Oh that's normal for it to be able to do that". WHAT!!!! I then moaned "But you, the banks and building societies, all claim chip and pin is so secure, that you kick up a fuss if there is fraud on our card. You claim you must of given your details and pin to someone then.

Bollocks. If all it takes is them to swipe it in the till instead of the chip and pin machine, and the till swipe meaning you need no pin. Then clearly it ain't secure.

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