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Job Interview ... (advice)


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I have an interview tomorrow for a database developer / systems analyst ... i'm hoping I get the job as i've been on the shelf for a few years.

If I get the job it may involve pen-testing their site / system for SQL injection and security weakness's (something i havnt really done before but understand)

can you give me any tips / pointers / software i can mention ? (just related to SQL injection)

i know there are automated systems for testing sql injection ... whats the most widely used app?

should I just explain what I understand about tight and strict data validation and methods for stopping sql injection ??

or approach it from a hacking point of view ? ...

any help greatly appreciated



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If you want to impress the interviewers you should come prepared to the interview, I think you should do a little bit of research/reading on what's involved in the job. That way if they ask you what is involved in a database development you know what to say.

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thanks dude ... i spent until 2am researching and preparing ... then i forgot to take my notes lol

... it went well tho i think :D

ill let u know if they call me back for another interview

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you will be OK have faith!

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