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Hak5 Portable Cmd Prompt


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Password is "trustyourtechnolust" - Thats the cmd prompt pass not the .zip

I know I am not trusted but I am to lazy to upload the source right now so here is the bin which I uploaded to share on another forum ... it's puny anyways... (better than daren :P [jk])

For those times where you need a quick CMD prompt window and your office/school has it block. While you know you can get around it ..is it really worth the time?



To lazy to scan V2 but here is v1's scan-


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It would have taken you less time to upload the source than it did uploading to mediafire. I'm not hating on your efforts, but I prefer HP with my bacon. You get me blood? Yeah, I'm hip... Anyway, share the source for the sake of it.

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