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Netgear Dg834g V2


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Is there anyway to get on a Netgear dg834g v2 when it's not giving out an IP address?

I've connected to it with a cable but it constantly never gives an IP so I just get the 169 address. I then can't get to it's interface. I factory reset it but nothing.

It looks like something is going on as when I plug in the laptop to it, the light on the port I'm in is green and randomly flickers now and then to indicate traffic.

I'm using a power supply from a netgear switch as this Netgear dg834g v2 has lost its. I'm sure that's not the issue.

Anyone have any ideas if it's possible to get back into it?

I've tried the recovery firmware flash from Netgear, but as I can't get an IP address for the shitty thing, it won't work.

Time to take it apart.

Set my laptop to static IP but still can't get on the router. The ip it's set as, which is on the bottom doesn't work. Well I assume it's set as that. And tried the recovery tool but as laptop can't connect to it, it won't work.

I was gonna try Cain and Able to scan for MAC addresses on all available IPs but will takes ages so didn't bother. Was to see if it picks up the IP address of the router as it might be set as something else. May do that one day.


It's a bit odd this one. I still can't get to the setup screen and I know it's not giving out dhcp. However, I can use it fine as a switch.

It was hooked up to my laptop. Then from the borked router another cable goes to the main internet router. Then I can access the net. So it's clearly seems to be working as a switch.


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What voltage and polarity is the power supply? Does it meet the routers requirements?

I assume so as it's from a Netgear switch. That looks like the router but without the wifi and router feature. The power supply is

Input AV 240v

Output 12v 1A

I can't say what the router requires as it has nothing on it's base and can't find anything on the net for it.

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It probably is fine, just there is the danger that if the router tries to use more power than the supply is rated for, the supply stop working prematurely and produce incorrect voltage.

There is a chance that the router needs a slightly bigger supply than the switch because of the wireless transmitter and it probably has a faster processor and more memory.

Netgear routers used to have a default subnet of, start with some nmap in that general area. Worse case scenario, write a script to ping sweep 192.168.0-254.0-254.

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Is it possible for part of it to be broke but still route traffic via wired to the main router? Which it currently can do.

Yes that could be possible. Since you have flushed your router, and it is still not giving out an ip address. If you set a static ip address to your computer, are you able to ping the router at all? Or surf the net through the wired connection.

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do you mean your external ip ?

usually the routers handles all requests from your external ip

and the router assigns local ip's for each machine connected

run cmd

n type ipconfig this will tell you the ip of your machine

i doubt the router would be able to route without ips

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What I mean is, as a test I connected my laptop up to the maybe broken router knowing it's not giving out IPs. I then connected the broken router to the main router that goes out to the Tinternet. I've set that to give out DHCP and sure enough, the laptop was given an IP address and was allowed access to the Tinternet. Which suggests the seemingly broken router is still acting as a switch.

That make sense?

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