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Ive just bought a tp-link tl-ant2405c and have a tp-link tl-350g

which are incompatible with one another (nice one tp-link)

the antenna on my tp wireless card is soldered on to the board ... whats the best method to attach the antenna ?

just snip the wire and add some crimp on quick release ends ? to the card & antenna


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your best bet is to solder a proper socket on. something like this


providing your antenna is RP-SMA (the standard now).

snip the end off and solder the sheath and inner cable to your circuit the same way as it is on your non-removable antenna.


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Just unsolder it off the board and by a cheap RP-SMA antenna extender cable of Ebay for like $1, cut the end off you don't need and solder it too the board. Its cheaper and easier to just by a made up cable and cut one end off.

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