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Chat = Drive By ?


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Ok so I have been a Hak5 fan for a while and I just saw the chat feature well I went to it and after thinking about it for a while finally accepted the Java applet. When viewing the source due to a "Unable to connect error" and saw its kinda looked like a drive by page o.0

..... I would love to have scanned with Kaspersky but it has a database error atm that I am to lazy to fix. :/

So is it a drive by?

Sorry to accuse you guys but I <3 my comp and don't plan on fixing my AV for a while being the procrastinator I am.

PS I tried to PM and Email about this but it said I couldn't so sorry about this thread.

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Works fine. I doubt anything is wrong with the client here, as there would have been a bunch more complaints by now.

No offense, but if you are too lazy to fix your AV, and got infected somehow then it is your own fault for running without virus protection.

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That be nice except I still wanna know if I got infected.

The nice thing about Avast, is that it does not require any user interaction to update itself, and you can feel rest assured that if it detects anything, it will advise you what to do so.

It also comes with other monitoring features, like webshield, IRC scanning and 2p2. I several times, clicked on a unsafe link and Avast simply aborted the connection and averting my system from getting infected.

If are not sure, whether your system is infected or not, might wanna consider installing Avast on your computer, it also comes with a pre boot scanning feature, that will allow you to scan your system before windows loads up.

That is my advice to you.


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