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  1. I have the 64 character hexadecimal psk for a wpa-psk network, but I can't find any utility to find the equivalent passphrase for it, any ideas?
  2. After an examination, it would appear that the gpu is probably shot
  3. Well, now it's started doing it on the bios screen, so I think it's a mobo or graphics problem.
  4. my computer crashes if i just leave it running. typically, the screen goes black but stays on, and my second monitor switches off. it becomes completely nonresponsive (i can't even switch ttys). sometimes it crashes with a screen full of randomly flickering and blinking pixels. the last time it crashed, it seems to have switched momentarily to tty8, with the deinterlacing broken (it printed a spotty ghost image twice). heres a pic of the last crash: http://i.imgur.com/6DMiu.jpg any help is appreciated, sorry if i just smacked you with a wall of jibber-jabber. computer specs: OS: Arch linux CPU: centrino duo, 2.2ghz ram: 2GB it has discrete nvidia graphics
  5. one very good tool for that is mingw (formerly mingw32) it works just like gcc/g++ but compiles to a .exe. you will, of course, need the windows versions of any libraries that you use, though it does come with the standard ones. the compiler is called with the command i586-mingw32msvc-gcc for c and i586-mingw32msvc-g++ for c++.
  6. take it back to the shop, ehh... i bought it online i have checked other forums, no luck. after a bit of checking, i have discovered a couple of other things. it seems to be more dependent on sunlight than temperature. the backlight does not go off, the backlight stays on while the lcd pixels turn black.
  7. I have had it for less than a month. i am debating returning it, however, because it works fine otherwise and it could just be a design flaw
  8. it's the left and right sides i can't really hook it up to an external monitor while it's doing this because it only happens in cold temperatures
  9. i have searched google for this and found nothing. i have an eeepc 1001pxd. i live in michigan, so the weather is kinda chilly at the moment. whenever i try to use my eee pc outside, after a few seconds one half of the screen will go dead, then the other. everything else works fine while the screen is dead. suspending and restoring causes the screen to come on again for another few seconds.
  10. well, to serve vnc to the droid, you could set up the computer to serve a hidden, wpa-protected access point (probably with a secondary wireless card).
  11. actually, the jpeg 2000 video format uses jpeg stills for each frame of video, so you could, presumably, pull a frame out (as a jpeg), steghide something in it and put it back in the video. *listens as 5,000 people cringe upon reading "jpeg 2000"* edit: should be mjpeg, not jpeg 2000, sorry
  12. well, learning bash and python scripting would be a good thing.
  13. I use gedit, leafpad, nano and vi
  14. the windows 95 cd is not bootable
  15. i looked on the cd, and i think it's in one of the .cab files, however, i don't have software that can deal with .cab files (i'm running ubuntu)
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