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Geforce 480 Gtx :)


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I know its a bit late, but hey..

Faster, hotter and more power hungry......

These cards are good, kinda..

Even though they are 6 months late to market, use insane amounts of power compared to the Radeon 5870, and with temps that pass the 3 digit mark, these cards are faster than the 5870.

The 5970 still holds performance crown, but the GTX 480 is faster at tessellation, and in some cases faster than the 5870. It has 1.5gb of DDR5 ram, and 480 stream processors, compared to the Radeons 1600 Stream Processors. Support for CUDA also gives it a boost.

All great and all, but very very very power hungry, using more wattage than the 5970 - which has 2 GPU's and 3200 cores!

The top of the case even has a heatsink, instead of being completely covered in plastic like previous models.

The card is a stock card, so who ever you buy it from, it will be the same card no matter what - just with a different logo.

What do you think? too little too late? ATI's 6xxx series will be here soon enough, to beat the G100 chips out of the water!


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nVidia need to do what Intel did from the Pentium 4 to the Core and Core 2, improve the design rather than add bits and increase the clock speed.

Definitely. As much as I love Nvidia.. I don't think I'll ever need that much horsepower. If I ever day, I'll probably be going with an ATI (almost as good for a lot less).

I am a bit amused by the heatsink looking kinda like a grill...

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I must also add that I am sure it's top dollar too, so therefore it's way out of most people's leagues. Also I have to go with Sparda. Probably the reason why they even came out with this card was to fill the gap between the last gen cards and then next gen. And make no mistake that ATI is gaining. I got mad love for Nvidia, however it's never been about the bling. It's always been about driver stability for myself, but I have been hearing that ATI has got a lot of things fixed in that department, and TBH it would be nice to put some cash in the hands of AMD to see if they could finally refill that underdog winner department the way they did with the + and the X2 days..

However I have seem to have ended up with a dilemma recently... You don't need very much horsepower to do any computing these days unless your doing something high res with a deadline (aka. high res photo imaging/video editing).. Hell I'm still rolling perfectly strong with my old AMD 5600X2 and Nvidia 8600GTX. The only thing I have upgraded was the hdd to a 1tb WD green, and that was only because my previous 320 went out on me, and I can still do 85% of the same tasks comfortably on my $450 laptop (close specs to desktop except for a not so good video card, but beats the hell out of intel gma any day).

I have even thought about when it's time to kick my desktop, just going and getting a desktop replacement style laptop (but preferably not as big.. maybe a 16") because I am sick of looking at a mass of wires and a big ass bulky tower. I mean for a server yeah, it'd work great but I am ready to consolidate to one computer, and for a server I would just throw it in the spare bedroom out of sight and out of mind to Tunnel/RDP into it at will.

I really didn't realize it at first but the laptop is becoming king of the hill fast regardless of what you want to call it (i.e. desktop replacement, laptop,notebook,netbook,etc.) In the past year alone I have went from fixing 85% desktops/15% laptops to around 70% laptops and 30% desktops because of how cheap laptops are and people finally realizing they don't have to pay for a $1200 desktop machine to go on the internet. I haven't built a desktop system since 07', but repeatedly help people pick out laptops.

I personally think that Intel/Nvidia AND Amd/Ati need to finally sit down (albeit not ALL together of course, just with their respective affiliates) and finally put down some solid specs for the IEEE to finalize for modular laptop parts (ie. zif sockets/video card ports/etc) so we can finally really 'build' laptops and have a continuity of upgrading and a boost for the computer/components market. When was the last time you knew anyone who blew like $350+ on a new video card? Probably a small handful but think about the ratio compared to a couple of years ago. We have became a multi system society. You play games and media on PS3/Wii/Xbox360, you browse on your phone, you work on your desktop, and do multitudes of mixed things on your laptop. It's kinda weird, but I believe we are finally getting to the age of the laptop fully closing the envelope on the desktop and putting it to rest...

Damn where did all this thought come from?!

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the list of graphics cards i have owned is massive. i have owned a voodoo1, 2 and 3. heck i had a 5 too.

i think i will be staying with my ATI radeon 5870's for a long long time lol

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I am a bit disappointed with Nvidia at this point in time. I am a really big fan of Nvidia and was hopping to see a Killer card but after reading some review on this card, its not looking good for Nvidia.

And I agree with what Sparda mentioned above, its so true.

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