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Wifi Robot


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I have taken the easier (and cheaper as they were selling them off as end of line at John Lewis for £99 (I have just checked they are back in at the normal price :( ) )

route, The: Spykee Meccano Robot

I have added two arduinos, one of which moves the camera head around more comprehensively similar to


There is already a large community of hackers & modders for this to take out the grunt & guess work.

And some great suppliers of addon components. :D

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I was thinking of something along the same lines by putting my zipit in the car and use the serial adapter to connect it to my arduino for motor controls. Only problem is that the zipit wifi driver doesn't support promiscuous mode :/

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I dont know if this should be posted because this thread is so old, but i see it now so. Ill post this.

My school actually as a robotics team centered around an organization called FIRST, where we create wireless robots to compete in competitions, its different every year and anyone can make a team and join. Its not cheap though, 5k to just enter in your regional competitions. Another 5k for states i believe, havnt been to nationals. Year before i joined they were in nationals >.<

But yea, we make wireless robots every year.

FIRST url is http://www.usfirst.org/

We are entered into FRC.

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Its an idea, but in order to extend the range to say several KMs you could use a wireless turbo modem, instead of a wireless router which has limited range. And if you want to prolong the run time, you could install solar panels onto the vehicle roof itself.

I am thinking on embarking on a similar project myself, but instead use a RC Airplane that can also be flown from over the internet, this one I think will be a lot more challenging to do, since it will have GPS capabilities and other features I hope to implement.

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Infiltrator, you should check this guy out


I believe it uses a 3G modem for communication.

I think I saw that project before. But yeah pretty impressive stuff, thanks for posting that up.

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