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  1. Im developing my teensy for a modded xbox controller so i need a power source other than USB to the teensy, my question is where would i wire the positive and negitive on the teensy? Possibly ground if its needed, im not sure.
  2. I was messing around with the Minecraft client and server source to see what i could do and i figured i would release the decompiled source for everyone to take a look at. So here it is :P Client Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?28jqj6k9vygw4gd Server Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?8i1004a95fa36s2 Minecraft Classic Sources: Client Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?3o3ez4ajltuui63 Server Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?ob9xa7hh9k70156
  3. I dont know if this should be posted because this thread is so old, but i see it now so. Ill post this. My school actually as a robotics team centered around an organization called FIRST, where we create wireless robots to compete in competitions, its different every year and anyone can make a team and join. Its not cheap though, 5k to just enter in your regional competitions. Another 5k for states i believe, havnt been to nationals. Year before i joined they were in nationals >.< But yea, we make wireless robots every year. FIRST url is http://www.usfirst.org/ We are entered into FRC.
  4. As there is no real processor to do anything on it. Its not practical without more work than its worth. Anything is possible just somethings arnt worth doing.
  5. Because now your making it even larger. Each character will be 8 characters now (i believe thats what binary makes it into)
  6. Yea, the fact that it multiples the size of the program by 4 or 5, isnt going to work. Need an encryption method that makes it smaller. Could possibly compile to .rar or .zip then decompile. This way we can include more with the program also. DLLs it might need, etc.
  7. Nice ;D i love it. We are already making great progress and people just started receiving there usbs. It works perfect :D EDIT:: Do you think it would be possible to convert the text view of a pre-written .exe to base64, then decode that and write that to another.exe and run? Thus we will be able to do anything.
  8. Do i just cut a hole in the rum of the ducky? I want to make sure i do it right and now screw up my ducky to bad >.<
  9. Im inventing possible ideas. Whos to say the person isnt at there computer when you stick it in?
  10. Do WindowsKey+R -> iexplorer.exe -> link to program here That will download a program thats hosted on the internet and will work with all windows computers xp and higher.
  11. Lol, ill do it at school. We have dual boot mac pros. Which i find funny. They cant fund teachers but they can buy these amazing mac pros that dual boot and the servers cost $100grand a piece and they have like 6 at each school. Makes me angry. ANyways, back on topic, ima be testing mine at school ;D Made a couple programs to learn a little bit already.
  12. This could be used to write the source of a program, then run it in the background. RAT i smell? >.<
  13. Is there a way to quickly get the operating system the teensy is connected to?
  14. WOo ;D Got mine in. And had a picture in it. WTF DOES EVIL SERVER MEAN WHEN IT SAYS "9ur cnffjbeq vf sebtznP" (0) ? D:
  15. Hopefully i got one. If not, i guess i wont be working on it. I dont have the spare money to get it. Money is tight right now.
  16. Or, you could add some buttons as movement though it wouldnt work very well, it would work >.<
  17. If you put a large enough (or possibly multiple large) SD card on it, you could even copy there entire drive. Though it would take a while depending on the size.
  18. You could possibly modify it enough for a really simple Linux-based mini-os.
  19. Mine is still bigger :P And what ppl around here dont know, wont hurt them when they lose $30 and i make $30. Selling them a USB that cost $150 xD
  20. Iv been working on a nice plan on a system with switchs (like im sure youv seen) and having different modes on the teensy. One being used as a storage device such as this ;D Daisy chain a few large SD cards together to get ridiculous space >.< Thinking of 5 or 6 8GB cards. So, 40 or 48 gigs on an extremely small usb. XD I could sell these.
  21. I decided to find a freelance job really fast to make a quick $20 and im going to buy a teensy. If i get one from the giveaway, ill have one with pins and one without >.<
  22. If i dont receive, im going to end up buying one ;D Right now, i pulled out some older hardware that was given to me. Hardware by Cypress, its the PSoC starter kit. A board that contains an accelerometer, 8 LEDs, a proximity sensor, and a few other neat things. Been messing with it seeing if i could possibly make it type also.
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